Hi there!

I am a deep learning solutions architect at NVIDIA focused on deploying machine learning and deep learning systems at scale. I recently graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with a Master’s in Computer Science with specialization in deep learning. Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor’s of Engineering from Thapar University, India.

At CU Boulder, I worked on a variety of projects, from applying RNNs to understand how students learn to predicting weather using LSTMs and CNNs to building an intelligent VR application that automatically completes a painting given some initial few strokes. I am interested in creative applications of machine learning/deep learning and the wide set of possibilities it presents. If you are interested in collaborating, you can book time on my calendar or drop a note.

Recent News

  • [May 2021] Alum Talks 2.0 at Creative Computing Society, Thapar University.
  • [August 2020] Srishti Yadav and I gave a talk on Scalable Hyper-Parameter Tuning using RAPIDS on AWS at PyBay 2020. GitHub repo with presentation here.

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